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Relevant Life Insurance brings two main advantages.

First, the cost of the monthly premiums can be claimed as a cost to your business. Which provides 100% corporation tax relief and no benefit-in-kind charge.

Second, if you employ other members of staff, you can cover them too. So, your managing director, HR manager, and receptionist could all benefit.

The result is the best of both worlds. Fully comprehensive life insurance, for yourself, your family, and your staff. All the while, you claim the full cost of the policy back as a business expense.

Ultimately, this means you’re no longer paying for Life Insurance out of your own personal pocket. Which gives you a huge saving. Need we say more?


So long as your limited company is in your name, you can apply.

‘Sounds good’, you might say. ‘But I don’t have the time to set this up, let alone research all the companies and their various deals.’

That’s something we understand completely and that’s where we at Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services can help.

At Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services, we save you cost and hassle at every turn. We are forever looking at ways to improve your cover.

For example, we always advise our clients to place their Relevant Life Insurance in trust which isn’t something that most brokers do.

However, it’s our ethos to help you get the best deal you can.


Once we get your go-ahead, we then go the extra mile to inform the trustees of their duties. As anyone whose ever dealt with a trust will know, that’s not always straightforward.

Putting your Relevant Life Insurance policy in a trust means it can’t ever be taxed by the government. And it doesn’t have to wait for a grant or probate.

The right money reaches the right people at the right time. All you need to do is to get in touch with us.

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We’ve just given you two examples of how we could save you money.

Imagine how much value we could provide as your main broker…

At Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services we’re experts in mortgages and insurance policies and we’ve made a name for ourselves helping company directors improve the state of their affairs.

Another benefit is that we help you get loans nearer to your total earnings. 90% of limited company directors’ cases are calculated one way.

The reason we offer consistent benefits like this is because we have a passion for what we do. All it takes is one call to get us working on your behalf.

Let’s face it, you’ve already got enough to do running your own company. Like everyone, you want to be spending your free time with friends and family. Not researching which insurance companies are trying to catch you out.

You need an expert and honest broker which is where Velvet Mortgage and Insure Services can help. We give you tailored packages and clear advice that we’ll stand by at every stage and we’ll keep everything organised for you.


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